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Etchells Sailors,
Fleet 20 and International Etchells class dues are due on January 1st of each year. To be able to race in the Winter Regatta Series and the Coral Reef Cup, skippers must have paid their dues for the current year. Please support Fleet 20 and the national Etchells class by signing up your crew also when you fill out the dues form below.


Fleet 20 Documents:


Fleet 20 Awards:

Fleet 20 Florida State Championship Perpetual Trophy Winners:

2016 Scimitar Steve Benjamin 2004 Thin Ice Stuart Hebb
2015 Scimitar Steve Benjamin 2003 Champagne II John Ulbrich
2014 Line Honors Bill Hardesty 2002 Saz Gordon Ettie
2013 Arethusa Phil Lotz 2001 April Silver Robert Bell
2012 EFYRA III George Andreadis 2000 Pied Piper Tom Piper
2011 Victory  Buddy Cribb 1999 April Silver Robert Bell
2010 EFYRA III George Andreadis 1998 April Silver Robert Bell
2009 EFYRA III George Andreadis 1997 Hissar Edgar Cato
2008 Matecumbe Tom Lihan 1996 Rascal Ken Batzer
2007 Pipe Dream Scott Piper 1995 Alliance Robert Bell
2006 Pipe Dream Scott Piper 1994 Contessa Louis Piana
  2005 Fathom This Robert Bell        


The following awards are made to Fleet 20 Sailors for service to the fleet and to Etchells sailing.

Crew of the Year: 
This shall be awarded annually to an Associate Member of Fleet 20 to exemplify distinctive and superior characteristics of outstanding service to and on behalf of Etchells Fleet 20.

2016 Bill Johns
  2015 David Bannister
  2014 Ezra Culver
  2013 Gabriele Armstrong
  2012 Joe Logan
  2011 Scott Gearing
  2010 Eric Rodriguez
  2009 Tim Banks
    2008 Stuart deLisser

Contessa Cup: 
The Fleet 20 Championship, decided by the best overall score resulting form the various Yacht Club's Annual Events.

History: Louis Piana campaigned his Etchells, "Contessa" in Biscayne Bay and was a fleet champion sailor. This perpetual Trophy, The Contessa Cup, is named in honor of his boat, one of the first Etchells to be sailed in Biscayne Bay.

  2017 Buddy Cribb
  2016 Jeff Nehms
  2015 Sharon Bourke
  2014 Jeff Nehms
  2013 Buddy Cribb
  2012 Jeff Nehms
  2011 Scott Piper
  2010 Jeff Nehms
  2009 Chris Lanza
  2008 Chris Lanza
  2007 Chris Lanza
  2006 Scott Piper

Minerva Cup: 
Awarded to the the most improved boat in Fleet 20.

History: The trophy was donated to honor the individual in Fleet 20, Biscayne Bay, and in the name of Minerva Trophy, who demonstrated superior performance and enthusiasm and commitment to the local class.

2016 John Donnelly
2015 (not awarded)
2014 (not awarded)
2013 David Burrows
2012 (not awarded)
2011 Sharon Bourke
2010 PJ Keenan
2009 Jonah Pruitt
2008 Chris Lanza / Paige Brooks

Corinthian Yachtsman Award: 
Awarded to a member of Fleet 20 selected to exemplify distinctive and superior characteristics of Corinthian Yachting and outstanding service to and on behalf of Etchells Fleet 20

  2008 Jointly awarded to Tom Piper & Ken Batzer


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